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Liam Smith

Nashville, TN 37212

Each client possesses their own unique life experiences. These experiences may be valuable teachers, but experiencing emotional distress may also manifest into feelings of helplessness and frustration. Counseling is a collaboration and we will work together to bring you to a place of healing and peace. Life presents us with opportunities to choose new paths and create new visions and goals. In addition to being a psychologist, I am a certified life coach, certified health and wellness coach, and certified forest therapy guide. Whether you are seeking to address a personal issue or aspiring to achieve a goal, I'm here to help you. I will help you utilize your inner resources. Using an integrative approach employing neuroscience, positive psychology, and other evidence-based practices, I'll help you discover how thoughts inform your experience. I'll teach you how you can actually "change" your mind. Whether you're seeking counseling or coaching, I'll work with you to reach your goals. My process cultivates a climate of learning, and a wonderful path of self-discovery, and skilfull living. Through counseling, I help clients realize their strengths as they navigate life's challenges, while acquiring the tools and skills necessary to meet those challenges. Through coaching, I help clients achieve their aspirations, dreams, and goals.

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    Liam Smith

    Nashville, TN 37212,

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