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Lisa Pinkstaff

Lisa Pinkstaff LPC, LLC 4081 De Zavala Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78249

You are not a diagnosis. You are an individual that just wants to have your brain be sharper; be calmer; or having your child have a better experience in school. My clients are tired of medications and want to see more permanent improvements in their daily lives. ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression....almost everything that stems from the brain benefits from neurofeedback. Adults who feel "foggy", unmotivated and chaotic, use this therapy to optimize their brain. My clients are generally between 7 and 75 years of age. They have sleep issues, chronic stress or may not engage with others well. I can help you. Neurofeedback targets the EEG functioning of the brain. It works to shift brain EEG patterns that may be too fast or too slow.. These non-functional brainwave patterns are in many cases, the reason behind sleep, anxiety, learning issues, just to name a few. Children who are struggling in school may have dysregulated brain patterns. I am affiliated with the Amen Clinics as a certified brain health coach. This allows me to look at my clients with more depth than typical therapy. A client's lifestyle, past brain injuries, eating habits and more are identified and modified to optimize brain reserves. Brain/body relationships are emphasized.

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ADHD | Anxiety Disorder | Depressive Disorders | Stress Management

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    Lisa Pinkstaff

    Lisa Pinkstaff LPC, LLC 4081 De Zavala Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78249,

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