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Will Hamilton

30 Clayton Street Asheville, NC 28801

Will Hamilton is a therapist who offers teletherapy in most states. He is comfortable working with people who have experienced altered states of consciousness (including from meditation, ceremonial work, etc), and he is happy to integrate these experiences into embodied action. Hamilton primarily uses behavioral treatments (ACT, DBT, RODBT, FAP) and Internal Family Systems to emphasize acceptance of one's current experience, the development of skills (mindfulness/compassion, play, perspective, assertiveness, and values), and use evidence-based techniques to help promote change. Hamilton also helps facilitate ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. As a long-term yogi, Hamilton has studied qi gong, breathwork, yoga, pragmatic dharma, Zen, Tibetan essence traditions, and Western esoteric systems.

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    Will Hamilton

    30 Clayton Street Asheville, NC 28801,

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