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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Lakewood, Colorado

    PsychFinder found 10 Neurofeedback Clinics in Lakewood, Colorado.
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    Ursa H. Davis

    Lakewood, CO 80214

    Ursa H. Davis is a therapist who specializes in helping clients with personal problems. She offers tele-psychotherapy and remote neurofeedback/coaching. Clients who need the most intensive treatment often benefit from concurrent neuro and therapy.

    Triple C Coaching

    7175 W Jefferson Ave Ste 2000 Lakewood, CO 80235

    I have been leading, coaching and mentoring in the corporate world for 10 plus years, and private practice coaching for over 5 years. Over the years of working primarily with men I realized that we often struggle to communicate well. When faced with confrontation, we defend ourselves or attack, or s...

    Sara Nawrocki (Emdr Brainspotting Neurofeedback)

    8805 West 14th Avenue Suite 300 Lakewood, CO 80215

    Sara Nawrocki is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate at Higher Sights. Sara earned her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Ferris State University in Michigan and worked as a pharmacist for many years. After taking time off professionally to raise her 4 children, Sara earned a Master of Art...

    Nicole Hunka

    12211 W Alameda Parkway Suite 105 Lakewood, CO 80228

    Nicole Hunka is a therapist who specializes in helping people find relief from hardships and restore their health. She uses a collaborative approach in which she works with the client to create goals and a space in which they can be fully themselves. Nicole is there to provide support, insight, reso...

    Higher Sights Counseling

    8805 West 14th Avenue Suite 300 Lakewood, CO 80215

    Higher Sights Counseling offer a non-judgemental approach and specialize in marital, anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, family and other relationship issues. They believe that therapy is a starting point to healing and changing patterns that have not been working.

    GreyMatters Neurofeedback

    12211 West Alameda Parkway Ste 110 Lakewood, CO 80228

    Shari Johansson is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been providing neurofeedback services to individuals since 1993. She specializes in helping people to live fully by design in meaningful relationships with self, God, and others. Johansson also enjoys providing workshops, seminars, and gro...

    Balanced MInd Counseling

    Balanced MInd Counseling 7175 W Jefferson Suite 2800 Lakewood, CO 80235

    Balanced MInd Counseling is a premium private practice counseling provider committed to supporting you in getting the help you or a loved one needs. We understand the challenge of making the first call, so we commit to: 1) Friendly, professional, compassionate and accessible scheduling. 2) An appoin...

    Angie A. Dancer

    7175 West Jefferson Avenue Lakewood, CO 80235

    Being a child in today's world can be terrifying. Frightened and anxious children exhibit many symptoms that can make life difficult for them and their loved ones. In much the same way, parenting can be terrifying and confusing. With 20 years experience, I come alongside children, parents, and adult...

    Alistair M Hawkes

    7475 West 5th Avenue Suite 104 Lakewood, CO 80226

    Are you recuperating from life events, or actively struggling with overwhelm or burnout? Are you interested in learning somatic-based, cutting-edge wellness and regenerative health strategies like Energy Psychology, tapping, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Personal Self-Integration, Energy Medicine, and Breathwork...

    Academy for Visual Achievement

    12265 West Bayaud Ave Suite 120 Lakewood, CO 80228

    Our office strives to help each individual use their visual system (not just their eyes) to gather and process information quicker, more efficiently, with less energy. Our office sees children who have been labelled, adults with head injuries and anyone who wants to perform better. Better performanc...

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