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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Brooklyn, New York

    PsychFinder found 9 Neurofeedback Clinics in Brooklyn, New York.
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    Yonason Witonsky

    1802 Ave K Brooklyn, NY 11230

    My ideal client is a person who may have challenges and needs a gentle, safe environment to heal. They want to be heard, and want to have an opportunity to develop their own "voice" where there is unconditional positive regard. Most importantly as they get better they begin to think of developing a ...

    Stephanie Rozen

    100 Remsen Street 1A Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Stephanie Rozen is a therapist who specializes in helping clients achieve their goals without judgment or assumption. She is also a compassionate person who takes a pragmatic, compassionate approach to therapy. Stephanie is skilled in working with clients to explore their concerns and triumphs with ...

    Shandelle Hether-Gray

    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Shandelle Hether-Gray is a therapist who specializes in using CBT and solution-based approaches to help people make lasting changes to their self-image that lead to real changes in their lives. Her approach is hands on, goal-oriented, strengths based, & gender and identity affirming. She helps clien...

    Mind Matters Regional Neurofeedback Centers

    18 Bridge Street Suite 4H Brooklyn, NY 11201

    I am an Internationally Board Certified Neurotherapist and specialize in Quantitative Electroencephalograph (QEEG) and brainwave regulation training (neurofeedback) for a host of symptoms associated with psychological and psychiatric disorders. We offer heart rate variability and breathing exercises...

    Ernie Cote

    North Brooklyn Location 231 Norman Ave suite 212 Brooklyn, NY 11222

    Ernie Cote is a mental health professional who specializes in working with adolescents and adults. He has experience working with clients that have issues related to polyamory, the kink community, and navigating these issues within relationships. He predominantly uses Cognitive Behavioral therapy (C...

    Dr. Kimberly Persaud

    723 Essex Street Brooklyn, NY 11208

    I have a Masters in Science (MS) in Clinical Psychology Specialization Applied Research from Capella University. I'm also a Scholar-Practitioner at Capella University in a Doctor of Business Administration program (DBA) with Capella University and Franklin University. Im also continuing my 2nd Maste...

    Dr. Danov Neuropsychologist P.C.

    9511 Shore Road Suite C Brooklyn, NY 11209

    Dr. Danov is a highly experienced and patient neuropsychologist who can diagnose Autism, memory loss, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and post brain injury cognitive impairment. Neuropsychological testing provides an objective assessment of learning, cognitive and emotiona...

    Cognitive Reset Counseling

    Brooklyn, NY 11221

    If traditional psychotherapy and/or medication did not adequately address the depression or anixety you have been experiencing then QEEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) training might be a good fit for you. Neurofeedback can help you retrain your brain to operate in a healthier state. Training can resul...

    Brian M Lissak

    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    I specialize in anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, family and interpersonal relationships, OCD, as well as a wide array encompassing many other challenges. I also work with people on Peak Performance training. My work takes place both in a clinical office setting as well as out in the real world, workin...

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