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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Eugene, Oregon

    PsychFinder found 11 Neurofeedback Clinics in Eugene, Oregon.
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    Wise Counseling Center

    3575 Donald St, Ste 600 Eugene, OR 97405

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (MA) using an empathetic, client-centered, strength-based orientation to help clients overcome difficulties they face in their lives and relationships. I have been in practice since 2008, working with all ages, focusing on Anxiety, ADHD, Pain Management, and he...

    Stuart E. Silberman, Psy.D., LLC

    576 Olive Street Suite 200 Eugene, OR 97401

    Stuart Silberman, Psy.D., is a therapist who specializes in providing individual therapy and EEG Neurofeedback to adults and adolescents. He believes that therapy can be incredibly beneficial in many ways, but particularly in offering an opportunity to look at life experiences and difficulties withi...

    NeuroMeditation Institute

    NeuroMeditation Institute 115 West 8th Avenue Eugene, OR 97401

    NeuroMeditation Institute offers a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques to help clients deal with common concerns such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. They also offer a 12-week Ketamine Assisted Therapy program and a 2-year program in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. The goal of NeuroMedit...

    Morris Counseling

    Eugene, OR 97401

    I am a strengths-based, trauma informed therapist who enjoys helping people work through life challenges and achieve their goals. Responding mindfully to life is crucial for healing, growth, and happiness. We are all interconnected through our relationships. Trauma happens in relation to others, and...

    Kevin Kelley, LPC – Counseling & Neurofeedback

    921 Country Club Road Suite 222 Eugene, OR 97401

    Kevin Kelley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Neurofeedback Specialist who specializes in helping individuals address personal challenges and achieve their goals. He uses cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based interventions to help clients improve emotional regulation, self-control, mood...

    Kendra Vita

    The Resonance Building 840 Lawrence St Eugene, OR 97401

    Kendra Vita is a therapist who specializes in helping people feel more peace, joy, and vibrancy in their lives. She is willing to listen with great empathy and admiration, help you hear yourself more clearly, teach you to laugh at how ridiculous you can be, and remind you that you are perfectly norm...

    Galyn Forster

    132 East Broadway Suite 303 Eugene, OR 97401

    Galyn Forster is a counselor who specializes in helping people heal from personal problems. She has been working for 30 years and has a lot of experience working with people with different problems. Galyn is very good at helping people find solutions to their problems. She is also very good at under...

    Center for Transformative Healing

    1188 Olive Street Eugene, OR 97401

    The Center for Transformative Healing offers individual/relational/group mental health services to those in need. They are excited to encompass much more, with therapists who are multi-faceted humans who need nurturance and support while on their own healing and learning journeys. They also engage i...

    Champion Family Therapy

    240 Country Club Road Suite B Eugene, OR 97401

    Are you struggling with negative emotions? Do you experience disrupted sleep or appetite? Are your relationships frustrating, confusing or draining at times? Do you have difficulty communicating how you feel or getting your needs met? At Champion Family Therapy, we can help you understand why you ar...

    Cathy Jonas, LCSW/ Epic Healing Eugene

    3003 Willamette Street, Suite A, Eugene, OR 97405

    Cathy Jonas, LCSW/ Epic Healing Eugene, is a private, self-employed, neurofeedback clinician in Eugene, Oregon. She specializes in counseling with neurofeedback, and is currently waitlisting for insurance funding for a program called "Counseling with Neurofeedback with Cathy." Cathy is a teacher and...

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