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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Portland, Oregon

    PsychFinder found 6 Neurofeedback Clinics in Portland, Oregon.
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    The PATH Center

    4035 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 240 Portland, OR 97212

    The PATH Center is a professional medical center that specializes in helping people with attachment and trauma issues. They use an integrated approach that incorporates interpersonal Neurobiology to help people build self-empathy and self-compassion. They have several therapists to choose from, all ...

    Portland Neurofeedback, LLC

    4035 NE Sandy Blvd Suite 200 Portland, OR 97212

    Portland Neurofeedback is a licensed mental health clinic. People are different so we offer four different types of Neurofeedback. We support clients working through traumatic brain Injuries, concussions, central nervous system disorders, sleep issues, adrenal fatigue, trauma, and more. We are honor...

    Henry Mead Kaiser

    14800 Northwest Cornell Road # 24 E Portland, OR 97229

    Henry Mead Kaiser is a therapist who specializes in helping adults find harmony and illumination. He uses traditional psychotherapy knowledge and neurofeedback brain training to help his clients achieve faster outcomes than with "talk therapy." Kaiser is also interested in using discretionary tools ...

    Hanna Jordan

    Inner Balance 110 S Gibbs St Portland, OR 97239

    Hanna Jordan is a therapist who specializes in helping people explore their options for change, growth, and healing. She can help with anything from stress in life to relationships to self-esteem. Hanna Jordan is also a therapist who specializes in body-mind approaches that address the way stress an...

    Gil Winkelman ND

    Gil Winkelman ND 2456 NW Northrup Street Suite 1A Portland, OR 97210

    Dr Winkelman's focus is on understanding patients personal traits and health history to customize treatments that have the maximum possible impact. With a focus on neurological (brain) health, he uses a combination of neurofeedback, Walsh Protocol, and other natural treatments to help patients with ...

    Brandy K. Poirier

    1012 SW King Avenue Durham Carriage House Portland, OR 97205

    Brandy Poirier is a therapist who specializes in helping people feel better, faster. She uses brain and body-based techniques to help people expand their understanding, develop new neural pathways, and clear the way for natural healing to occur. She is available most of the week, and can be reached ...

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