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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Greenville, South Carolina

    PsychFinder found 2 Neurofeedback Clinics in Greenville, South Carolina.
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    Michael J. Kobel, Ph.D.

    Michael J. Kobel, Ph.D. 429 Hunters Cir Greenville, SC 29617

    With 30+ years of experience, I have helped many people recover from Depression, Anxiety, ADD and ADHD, failed relationships and problems with alcohol and drug abuse. As a result of Psychotherapy, you will grow to feel stronger, more confident and self assured, make more empowered decisions and gain...

    James Evans

    Sterlingworth Center 222 Adley Way Greenville, SC 29607

    Few things are more distressing than difficulties with attention, learning, anxiety, depression, memory or mental confusion. If you or a loved one are experiencing such problems as result of a head injury, a difficult life situation, or simply unexplained reasons, there are treatments and resources ...

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