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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Sugar Land, Texas

    PsychFinder found 8 Neurofeedback Clinics in Sugar Land, Texas.
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    Maggie Francis

    101 Southwestern Boulevard Suite #105 Sugar Land, TX 77478

    Maggie Francis is a bilingual English/Spanish speaking licensed therapist who specializes in helping clients with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger, stress, coping strategies, trauma and life transitions. She utilizes various modalities of therapy including client centered, solution focused...

    Justin Bond

    7002 Riverbrook Drive Suite 900f Sugar Land, TX 77479

    Feeling anxious, defeated or empty can make change seem impossible but there is hope! I invite you to let us work together in finding peace and healing in your life. We are faced with increasing stress and challenges in our daily lives. With eight years of experience in education and work as a clini...

    Janella del Mundo Gee

    101 Southwestern Boulevard, Suite 105, Sugar Land, TX 77478

    I specialize in working with children and parents. I have been working in the field of play therapy since 2011 when I was a graduate student. My approach to play therapy is non-directive, client-centered play therapy. I have worked with children from diverse backgrounds. I look at each child and fig...

    Erica L. Anderson

    77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd, Suite 600 Sugar Land, TX 77479

    Erica L. Anderson subscribes to use a variety of approaches using an empathetic approach that empowers and motivates her clients to look for rainbows when it's raining. Her belief is determination gets more done than doubt and agrees with Josh Billings, "Life is a grindstone and whether it grinds yo...

    Dr. Anand Vyas

    2277 Plaza Drive Suite # 250 Sugar Land, TX 77479

    I'll treat you as a person, not as a diagnosis. I'm a fully licensed, experienced (14+ years) and down-to-earth professional who is committed to helping you. I have a passion to help heal clients from the inside, so they can truly feel their best. I believe that the most optimal treatment is to trea...

    Couples Therapy

    120 Eldridge Rd Suite D Sugar Land, TX 77478

    I am a trained couples therapist and work with conflict, poor communication, emotional disconnection, infidelity, ambivalence about staying or leaving and most commonly, resentment. It is easy to get derailed and end up hurting, rather than caring for your partner. Through assessment and active guid...

    Connie Hernandez

    101 Southwestern Blvd 105 Sugar Land, TX 77478

    Do you suffer from trauma, due to sexual abuse, abusive relationships, unresolved childhood trauma, and generational trauma? We hold on to that trauma in their Physical bodies without knowing. This and the emotional trauma an individual endures shows up in our lives even when the action is over. Eve...

    Clearhope Counseling & Wellness Center Sugarland

    1111 Highway 6 Suite 120 Sugar Land, TX 77478

    Clearhope Counseling & Wellness Center is a mental health center in Sugarland that offers unconditional positive regard and support to those struggling with mental illness. They are conveniently located in the TIRR Memorial Hermann Building and offer evening, weekend, and daytime appointments.

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