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    All Neurofeedback Centers in Stafford, Virginia

    PsychFinder found 6 Neurofeedback Clinics in Stafford, Virginia.
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    Soulstice Clinical Counseling

    300 Garrisonville Road Suite 302 Stafford, VA 22554

    Soulstice Clinical Counseling is a growth process that seeks understanding of one's thoughts, feelings, and choices, even in difficult situations. It is about overcoming, getting through, learning from, and making a conscious decision to continue moving forward. Soulstice is a therapist that special...

    Emilie Ferran

    Stafford Holisitic Counseling 3967 Richmond Highway Stafford, VA 22554

    Emilie Ferran is a therapist who specializes in helping people with overwhelming emotions. She is available 24/7 online and can schedule a free consultation.

    Dr. Becky Kaufman

    Stafford, VA 22554

    Dr. Becky Kaufman is a therapist who specializes in neurofeedback services. She offers talk therapy, neurofeedback, and other services to help people overcome life obstacles. Neurofeedback is a non-invasive process wherein clients are able to train their brain to operate differently through the use ...

    Clarity Clinical Counseling Services

    300 Garrisonville Road 302 Stafford, VA 22554

    I believe in a strength-based approach that is holistic, integrative and client-centered. I provide a non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere in which clients can safely explore and work through feelings, thoughts, images and beliefs that may be keeping them stuck. I use a variety of modalities ...

    Bright Horizons Counseling Services

    306 Garrisonville Road Suite 201 Stafford, VA 22554

    At Bright Horizons, our goal is to support the mental health well-being of our community by offering a range of services from a team with diverse backgrounds and specialties. Our mission is to help members of our community reconnect with the things that are truly important and thrive, both in their ...

    Amy Ruesche

    Reconciling Loss, LLC Stafford, VA 22554

    Feeling isolated and lonely. Unable to imagine a happy future without your person in it. Being told "it'll get better in time," which only makes your pain feel dismissed and unheard. Sleeplessness, anger, guilt, and disbelief have become central to your daily life. You want to be able to accept the ...

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