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Jill Shepherd Piercy Clark

Dunamis Center, Inc 1465 Victor Avenue Suite B Redding, CA 96003

It's time to move forward. Are you feeling stuck in destructive behavior patterns, having relational issues or signs of depression and anxiety? Would you like to have the opportunity to gain insight into your life? I help clients develop skills and tools they can use in their daily life and relationships. Developing a therapeutic relationship is essential to encourage change and therapy sessions need to be an emotionally safe place to resolve the issues that are detracting from your enjoyment of life. Don't settle for life the way it is, we can work together to help you make changes that will improve your life. How is your past present-day? I help you address relationships and traumas from past experiences. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be used to shift your thinking, emotions and behaviors. CBT assists clients in recognizing and shifting destructive thought patterns. I use a combination of EMDR and Neurofeedback to help clients shift emotionally and physically. The goal of working together in therapy is to help you discover who you are and work with your strengths to create a new way of living. My goal as a therapist is to encourage clients to explore their challenges by helping them to find ways to empower themselves to discover solutions.

Treatment Types:


Conditions Treated:

Anxiety Disorder | Depressive Disorders | Trauma

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    Jill Shepherd Piercy Clark

    Dunamis Center, Inc 1465 Victor Avenue Suite B Redding, CA 96003,

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