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Jordan Ferrell

3608 Preston Rd. Suite 220 Plano, TX 75093

I have a passion for working with teens and young adults who are in need of assistance in navigating the complexities of modern life. Regardless of what the particular issue(s) may be, my goal is to assist each individual in developing and implementing a plan of action that facilitates their moving towards their own specific goals. I have particular experience working with individuals who have issues pertaining to substance use/abuse, anxiety, depression, OCD, and Insomnia. Additionally, I enjoy assisting younger clients and their family to re-establish a sense of cohesion at home and within the family system. I believe that our mental state is primarily the result of the way in which we choose to think, so my typical approach to therapy lies within the realm of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Largely, my goal is to help clients identify unhelpful thought patterns in order to begin challenging and replacing them with more reasonable and productive ways of thinking. At it's core, I believe therapy is largely a catalyst for the development of insight. My focus with every single client is to provide them an opportunity to have a discussion with someone who will listen, provide feedback, ask questions, and guide the conversation in a way in which facilitates their development of insight and movement towards their goals.

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Conditions Treated:

Anxiety Disorder | Depressive Disorders | Insomnia

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    Jordan Ferrell

    3608 Preston Rd. Suite 220 Plano, TX 75093,

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