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Ken Mowery

150 East 29th Street Suite 270 Loveland, CO 80538

I am a licensed professional counselor who began as a pastor counseling individuals, couples, and families over 30 years ago. It is my greatest joy and honor to help people work through difficult issues, overcome obstacles that have been holding them back, and maximize their potential. I enjoy working with creative people and especially artistic college students. I see a number of student and professional musicians, artists, writers and photographers. I integrate insights and techniques drawn from several psychotherapeutic approaches such as Mindfulness, Person-Centered, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. For couples, I typically begin with PREPARE/ENRICH which is the most advanced couple assessment tool available. I am excited about the latest Neuroscience research which is profoundly impacting our understanding of human physiology, psychology, and behavior. I recently received Brain Health Coaching Certification from the Amen Clinics, enabling me to bring brain focused assessments and treatment protocols to my counseling practice.

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    Ken Mowery

    150 East 29th Street Suite 270 Loveland, CO 80538,

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