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Kristin Halberg

Practical-Magick Port Angeles, WA 98363

Have you ever wondered "why am I still stuck despite all the work I've done?" Do you ever feel trapped, repeating the same cycles and stories over and over again, no matter what you "heal" or "fix"? If you’re anything like me, you built your life around being easy to get along with. You are selfless, and helpful. Your reputation is book-ended on performing under pressure and managing on a shoestring. You hide your vulnerable bits under your general competence, a thick armor of humor, and always being there for everyone else. But underneath all that, you doubt yourself. A LOT! I’ve been coaching women to love themselves clear down to their bones for over a decade. My clients range from stay-at-home moms to business executives and everyone in between. I am here to support you to reclaim ALL the parts of yourself. Your sacred self. Your amazing self. Your doubty self. Your messy self. Because THAT's where you need to go. If you're confused and frustrated, despite all you've learned and achieved. If you've "worked on yourself" 'til you're blue in your face but you still feel stuck. You probably have layers of self-doubt that are wired into your neural pathways and held clear down in your bones. I call what I do "Practical-Magick." Reclaim your magick. Call me.

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    Kristin Halberg

    Practical-Magick Port Angeles, WA 98363,

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