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Lighthouse Therapeutics

720 100 Year Party Court Longmont, CO 80504

Lighthouse provides psychotherapy and neurofeedback services to adults and children with a variety of psychological, psychiatric, and neurological needs. Our therapists have a diverse set of qualifications and skills. Clients are often referred to us after having received therapy from other providers that do not offer some of our services and not having gotten the relief they were seeking. Although our therapists have a broad range of skills and backgrounds, all offer neurofeedback by itself or integrated with the more traditional methods. In most cases, this results in faster and more lasting progress, helping the client to improve in some areas that talk therapy alone may not be able to address. Although you will see a specific therapist, you should know that all of our therapists work together to ensure that all clients benefit from the expertise of the group. Your therapist has a team of experts to consult with.

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    Lighthouse Therapeutics

    720 100 Year Party Court Longmont, CO 80504,

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