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Lori Landry Reeves

Mindful Art Works Lafayette, LA 70508

Our life experiences, challenges and processes are portals of opportunity for clarity, personal alignment, growth, and healing. I am a licensed professional counselor, certified expressive arts therapist and artist. When you feel stuck, it is time to gain new insights and new perspectives in creative ways. I organically weave talk therapy, meditation, guided imagery, expressive arts therapy, sand tray and neuro-feedback into my therapy sessions. This speeds up the process of therapy and progress towards your goals. If you are looking for a unique personalized approach, come work with me. I engage in talk therapy, however personally and professionally have found great power in the inner resource of creativity, therefore, I am passionate about working alongside my clients, holding the space and container to explore the wisdom within through the creative process. This process requires no art experience, only a willingness and a beginners mind. When you are ready to tap into your own inner wisdom and come to know more intimately your inner workings and aspects of the self, free of judgement, then transcendence toward wholeness, alignment and joy occur. I provide a safe sacred space, as I journey alongside and facilitate these processes with a compassion and attuned presence.

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    Lori Landry Reeves

    Mindful Art Works Lafayette, LA 70508,

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