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Louise Finley

5676 Roberts Drive Atlanta, GA 30338

Sometimes, in spite of our preparations, life surprises us with difficult situations. I provide counseling for adult individuals and couples who have found themselves struggling with unexpected difficulties such as job loss, anxiety, and loving relationships that have grown painful. I seek to help clients to re-build the areas that have become broken and reclaim life out of the pain. Clients can expect an individualized approach that will pull from cognitive behavioral work, Gottman's relational theories, the Knowdell Career Transition Model, and more. Since 2017, I additionally offer Neurofeedback via the Othmer method. I specifically counsel on issues related to anxiety, depression, communication, codependency, pre-marital preparedness, and building healthy relationships. I also provide counseling for career exploration, processing job loss, and difficult work situations. My neurofeedback work focuses on anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and related diagnoses. My background includes working as a Human Resources professional and I am passionate about helping clients discover their ideal career fit. Additionally, I am trained to integrate Christian theology into counseling as desired, but I have worked with clients of many spiritual backgrounds. I would love to speak with you about your specific needs!

Treatment Types:


Conditions Treated:

ADHD | Anxiety Disorder | Depressive Disorders | Trauma

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    Louise Finley

    5676 Roberts Drive Atlanta, GA 30338,

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