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Sarrah Bronson

Sarrah Bronson PhD Bronxville, NY 10708

Do you want to find your way through this crisis and come out stronger and even more empowered? It is possible!!! Quarantined and in "social isolation" we can go deeper within (even if we didn't want to.) We can use this opportunity to look inside and discover inner issues that keep us from being who we really are, and find the inner gifts and resources we didn't know we had, to go to the next level of our more empowered life. We can learn how to adapt successfully. One of my specific areas of expertise is anxiety. I have a lot of tools (cognitive, meditative, grounding, conceptual, spiritual, etc.) to help a person negotiate anxiety and stress and can help you to find your inner strengths and resources to adapt successfully in this time of unprecedented stress! I offer many possible ways of approaching personal change and empowerment, and I love facilitating a person's process of transformation and adaptation. I also have knowledge about and resources to help us through what some of us are calling "evolutionary times."

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Anxiety Disorder | Stress Management

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    Sarrah Bronson

    Sarrah Bronson PhD Bronxville, NY 10708,

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